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ANGEL | 3 Ways to Stop Medical Bills From Killing You

Dear Medical Bills, 

You're killing me! Please stop.

If this is how you feel when you slit open the envelope and see the number at the end of the medical statement, then Angel Tuccy has a few tips to help you get some relief from the pain in the wallet you are feeling. These are proactive tips.  Stay tuned for ones that help you stitch the already open wounds caused by your current medical bills.


  1. Add a 30-minute daily walk to your schedule to eliminate health club fees and keep your heart strong. Most people underestimate the value of walking. This is like investing in your future. Your activity today will save you in the long run.
  2. Drink more water. Great health and financial benefits every time you sip.
  3. Wash your hands. Keep your family germ-free and you’ll reduce doctor bills, medicines and time off from work. 
Angel Tuccy

Angel Tuccy

Angel Tuccy is a busy working Mum, radio show host, and entrepreneur who discovered one day a list would have really helped the situation. So now she takes everyday ups and downs and turns them into manageable lists. Angel is the best selling author of Lists That Saved My Life and host of the positive business talk show, Experience Pros Radio Show. She makes her home in Denver, Colorado. To call her show - 855-FAN-BRAG.

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