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Putin Wet His Pants | Women’s Rights in the World News

Putin Wet His Pants, is the title of the song a Russian punk band performed impromptu in a cathedral in Moscow and have since been arrested by the Russian government. The two mothers of young children may have made a poor choice of venues but that poor choice has them locked up without bail in a Russian jail.

This story was brought to my attention my a freind of mine, EJ, who thinks I'm spending too much time bringing awareness to women's rights in the United States, and I have to thank him as this is just another reason why women must stand up against the push of a male-dominated power surge to strip women of their unalienable rights to life and liberty. If you never thought the United States could become as freedom limiting as Russia then perhaps you also never thought you'd hear about a band called Pussy Riot rocking it in Russia. Anything can happen. Support for these women is growing in Russia. Not too long ago we wouldn't even be reading about this story so that in itself is incredible. 

Whatever area of women's right is a passion for you, make sure your voice is heard even if it is only within your circle of friends and do your part to bring light to the dark that continues to try and over shadow the steps forward women make in this world.

When you see a story or hear of women being taregted and dominated by authority for being women and for wanting to live with freedom and choice shout out about it. 

Here is more information on this situation in Russia:

Siobhan Shaw

Siobhan Shaw

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